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  • Jan 20, 2014
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I recently completed a very high end home theater

"I recently completed a very high end home theater at my home with the help of Juan. This was an extremely complex project with multiple contractors involved. Basically a complete room renovation. As with any complex project unforseen issues would arise and every time they did, Juan would help get them solved in the most sensible way, so that we could continue forward.The equipment that was installed was the best and most up to date gear out there, all at a more than fair price . Talk about reopening a world of music that I so enjoyed years ago! Juan is also a great source for ideas on audio and video streaming and movies.

I couldn't be happier with the video quality and sound that the equipment provides and spend some time almost every day in the room enjoying. Juan is very conscientious and always make sure your satisfied. He makes it a point for you to know that he stands by his work and if an issue should arise he will be there in a timely manner to help solve it. So for any kind of audio- video job, big or small, just use Juan and Ubtechpros . They won't disappoint. .

Mathew Vaughn. Woodlands TX

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  • March 18, 2014
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The guys at UBTECHPROS were awesome!

The guys at UBTECHPROS were awesome! They arrived on time, installed my TV very professionally with no wires exposed (exactly how I wanted it), connected my surround speakers, configured my AVR and custom programmed a universal remote that lets me keep all my electronic equipment hidden behind doors and turns everything ON and OFF depending on what I want to watch or listen to with the touch of a button!! (Talk about an easy way to enjoy listening to music or watching a movie!!)

They were incredibly professional and knowledgeable and over half the price of Geek Squad. I will definitely hire them again when time comes to add more toys to my house!

Andrew S.

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  • Jan 12, 2014
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Our experience was excellent!

Our experience was excellent! They came to our rescue on short notice and did a perfect job at a reasonable rate. Juan Pablo was our rescuer and he was a delightful man!

We highly recommend and are very thankful to UBTECHPROS for their great job!

Hally C.

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  • Jan 04, 2014
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I'm glad UBTECHPROS came out to my house

I'm glad UBTECHPROS came out to my house and installed my new 50" Samsung LED TV and a Polk sound bar right underneath it, and both above my fireplace at home. I cannot say how satisfied I was with the work. They were very professional, detailed, clean, and they left everything intact. Juan’s sense of humor was only a plus! All in all, the work looks BEAUTIFUL I could not be any happier with my big TV and PS3 up on the wall, and best of all, NO WIRES can be seen!.

Definitely recommend these guys for anything in their field of expertise.

Great Job!

U. Manjarrez.

We deliver home theater

One of the most distinct differences that separates UBTech Pros One from our competition is the meticulous detail we put into each home theater design. Whether you want a level of service with full design concepts and drawings or simply very specific product recommendations based on your environment and needs we are the company to execute your project with professionalism, knowledge and top end service for years to come.

Home Theater Design Process:

Architecture: One of our designers help you to define the right media room structure to ensure optimal viewing, sound and enjoyment.

Acoustics: Often overlooked by most audio/video firms, this is the single most important element of your home theater audio system.

Aesthetics: We work with you to ensure that the systems you select look as good when they're off as when they're on.

Control: Clients tell us the number one frustration with audio and video is the remote control. We work with our clients to program their system according to easy to understand activities and equipment.

Performance: When you go to a movie, the sound and video are truly awesome. You deserve this same performance in your home. Admit One works with our clients to design and build Twin Cities home theater audio and video systems that rival some of the greatest cinemas in America.