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UBTech Pros

Sound Components carefully tailors to your chosen space and style

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Commerical Residential Installation Automation

Quality customer service is the keystone to any good business. At UBTECHPROS, we pride ourselves in providing the friendliest and most helpful customer service possible.

From Homes to Offices, Boardrooms to hotels, restaurants to bars or any other space you feel needs the that personalized touch, we can help you. Our objective is to create desirable, functional and inspiring places to enjoy. We give our customers complete control over their environments, and provide a simple and functional interaction with all their electronic lifestyle needs.

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Why UBTech Pros is Better

Our goal at UBTech Pros is to evaluate the space you have to work with and design a system that best suits your needs and performs the best in the space allowed. The best service always to our customers.

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Recognized System Integrator

UBTECHPROS is a full-service residential and commercial custom electronics and design integration company. Our primary goal is to make your home or business systems, safe, elegant, fun and easy to use. Our team is comprised of world-class experts in every field whose number one priority is to provide the best products and services to our clients

Our objective is to make the places people spend time in, more enjoyable and appealing, enhancing their value, and creating a lasting experience, by simplifying all your electronic equipment

UBTECHPROS specializes in all areas of custom home electronics. We enjoy taking a project from concept to completion with as few hassles as possible. We will take the time to think it through down to the finest detail to ensure the system you bought works as you expect it to. We will walk you through every step of the process, from initial design and wiring to final testing and training. Once the project is finalized, our expert service department will ensure that your system will stay working for years to come. Our biggest reward is the huge smile on our customer's faces when the project is done.

Imagine walking into your home and instantaneously having the lights come on to your preset preference based on time of day, music play list triggered, temperature adjusted, blinds opened and email sent to your family that you got home safe; this and so much more is possible with UBTECHPROS home automation systems.

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