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Home Automation

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Home automation can range from a very generic to a very personalized engineered system. For those who only want the best, UBTECH can design that perfect whole-home audio/Video system from the ground up or upgrade your current automation system. We sell only the right products for the project that are guaranteed to enhance your home automation experience.

Our interior design specialist and project management staff are all part of our professional team who can successfully guide you through any of your custom home projects.

Home Automation systems available from UBTECH, allow families to live a modern, serene, and effortless lifestyle by integrating home attributes such as video displays, house audio, climate thermostat, security alarms, lighting, surveillance cameras, doorbell/intercoms, swimming pool equipment, garage doors, locking mechanisms and much more.

We will also provide you with remote access to your systems to check their status and be able to change settings as needed by using your iPads, computers, or smart phones from home or anywhere in the globe. Turn your home into a relaxing and enjoyable getaway with great music and perfect lighting scenes.


Centralized Control

Home Automation is the function of having centralized control of many components of your household. This includes custom automation to control lighting, house audio, security and surveillance, HVAC (heating, venting and air conditioning), appliances and more. Home automation not only makes your life simpler, but it also provides convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and enhanced security.

Once installed, you can control all aspects of your system through a single interface, which is typically an in-wall keypad, a hand-held controller, or even your iPhone or iPad. Additionally, automation systems are able to be controlled while away from home, allowing you to ensure the lights are turned Off/On or check video camera footage, regardless of your location, you could be in town having dinner or vacationing on the other side of the world.

Immense Freedom

UBTECH have been installing enterprise grade home technologies for longer than any Audio/Video dealer in South Texas. With room to room roaming capability, you can control the surround sound system in your family room, then take your iPad out to the pool and control the TV and speakers outdoors, and even access a camera page on your iPad to see who is at the front door.


Houston, USA


Ipad Control

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