Structured Wiring

Structured wiring supports the systems in your home whether you are re-wiring your home or simply installing a home entertainment system or computer network, it is important to hire a certified and accredited low voltage contractor who will get the job done properly. It is a good idea to hire a dedicated low voltage contractor rather than an electrician. In many construction trades, most people, including electricians, are unfamiliar with the new products and technologies that are available for a low voltage system or technologies outside their core expertise. The following information will help you better understand some of the “need-to-know” basics when it comes to wiring your home:

The National Electrical Code (NEC) and Leviton prescribe properties of the wire to be used in your walls.

Home Entertainment Wiring

Specializing in interior wiring and cabling, we have the perfect blend of electrical and sound system expertise on staff to set up your home entertainment system for optimal sound and picture quality. To that effect, we only use the highest available products for all wiring projects.

UBTECH will provide you the highest quality sound and picture available, we are also dedicating ourselves to make sure your wiring will last many years to come. To prevent tripping and unsightly wires all over the floor, we discreetly route and fasten all wiring neatly in the attic.

Control System Wiring

Many of these systems can be extremely sophisticated and require professional installation and proprietary wiring. Our most consistent recommendation is to use at least CAT5e wiring for the control system. You should always consider 16/4 & CAT-6 CAT-7 OR Fiber optic for more sophisticated systems or in instances where you want to distribute telecommunications as well as IR (infrared) and speaker level audio.

Remember to wire bathrooms, hallways, and outdoor areas. There is no reason that whole-house audio/video should not extend to these often-overlooked areas. Even if you do not plan on installing equipment at every location right away, make sure you run the cables to that location. It will save you money and time in the long run.

Structured Wiring

Refers to running wires through the walls to organize and integrate the various systems in your home. Cable or satellite TV, telephone, security, climate control, Ethernet and audio/video systems all rely upon and support each other in an advanced structured wiring system. It is important to note that even wireless technology can perform poorly or even fail without a well thought out structured wiring system, designed to support and extend the wireless devices and their capabilities to communicate.