Visual (T.V) Distribution

Residential markets have flat-panel TVs in virtually every room, these TVs have attached to them Set-top boxes, video streamers, game consoles and other sources, making your home unattractive, maintenance intensive, and reduce available living space, multiple handheld remote controls usually come with these devices and are different for every room, which only add to the puzzlement of the system. Homeowners and Interior decorators absolutely hate these dedicated local systems and favor distributed systems enhancing the beauty of their design.


UBTECH video distribution design will allow any source to be routed to any television in the home. All equipment is centrally located and will become a shared resource completely out of sight, maintaining the elegance of your home. System service becomes easier since all the components are centrally located and skillfully placed inside a ventilated rack. A bespoke video distribution system designed and implemented by the best team of professionals in the Houston market utilizing the best video matrix brands. We put the highest levels of care and attention into the project.

Elegance and simplicity. Nothing should ever detract from your home’s beauty, that is why a centralized distributed video system is the best alternative, after all, it is your home and your entertainment and you want it to be the best it possibly can be, within the scope of your budget and surroundings.