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Home Cinema

We live in a world filled with colors and sounds. With every vibrant pixel and decibel of sound, UBTECH has the best skilled technicians, technology partnerships and the know-how to fully recreate the highest quality state of the art Media Rooms in the state of Texas. Streaming movies and live T.V in the comfort of your home cinema. We know it is about more than watching television, it is also about the digital experience of images, sounds and actions.

At UBTECH, our goal is to provide reliable and timely services, while fully protecting your privacy and confidentiality. The satisfaction of knowing everything we install is of the highest quality, thus enhancing your lifestyle, is particularly important to us.


Home Cinema Experience

A true home theater experience can take you away to another place, you become so immersed in the film that you will feel like you are part of the movie. A space in your home that surpasses the quality of a commercial movie theater, big custom screen, high performance sound, all in a comfortable environment, without the distraction of cell phones lights, ringing tones, people talking, and rustling popcorn bags.

A home theater can be as simple as a television and speakers mounted to the wall in your Living Room or as elaborate as a dedicated room with a motorized screen, a laser 4K projector, and lights that automatically dim when the movie starts. with our flagship automation systems, you can immerse yourself in magnificent movies, exciting sports, or cool gaming with the single touch of a button.